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The recent COVID-19 crisis has thrown the travel industry into one of its greatest crisis ever and yet it has in some ways brought us closer together. As we gear up to face the “new normal”, we are more than ever convinced of the need to work closer together, to learn from our shared experiences and find better ways to serve the customer. We’d like to cordially invite you to our flagship virtual connect – RES 2020 to network, discuss, and exchange ideas with other airline representatives as well as other industry experts.

RES2020 will be conducted as virtual or online session (RES 2020) that will be held as an ongoing series over a few months. We are going to schedule sessions with a small number of participants, in order to give every RES 2020 attendee enough room to discuss with other airline participants. This will make RES 2020 a very unique format compared to other webinars with large numbers of attendees and little interaction with the audience.

COVID-19: Roadmap to Recovery

A Technical Roadmap to Recovery for Airlines, Cruise Lines & Hotels

"We believe a robust recovery will be driven by technology."

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we think about traveling. The Roadmap to Recovery combines customer feedback and 20 years of technical expertise in travel to solve the varied problems that the COVID-19 crisis has introduced to our industry. To help this recovery, we need to transform the travel business, rethinking operations, and processes to keep customers and passengers safe, optimize current costs, find new revenue sources, and manage risk. Together, we reimagine what a robust travel industry looks like post-COVID-19, creating an ever-evolving Roadmap to Recovery.

- Anand Krishnan, CEO, IBS Software


RES 2020 - Airline Retail & Operations Streams

Choose your New Not Normal sessions (1 Hr)

Dynamic pricing vs Personalized pricing

26-Aug-2020, 9:00 AM CET   Video

Moderator - Kelwin Kucharian, Marco Contento,

Why Dynamic Pricing Isn’t Dynamic and How Airlines Can Achieve Personalized Pricing?

Risk Averse Transformation

08-Sep-2020, 4:00 PM CET   Video
10-Sep-2020, 9:00 AM CET   Video

The existing PSS holds the PNR and a new provider enables the retailing. Will you just need some sexy technology to make your PSS again market relevant?

Different commercial approaches to the end consumer

15-Sep-2020, 4:00 PM CET   Video
22-Sep-2020, 9:00 AM CET   Video

Moderator - Ursula Silling

What commercial initiatives can increase customer confidence, drive demand, and retain a loyal base?

New Distribution Strategies

16-Sep-2020, 4:00 PM CET   Video
23-Sep-2020, 9:00 AM CET   Video

Moderator - Daniel Friedli

How has the pandemic impacted commercial thinking and how do airlines adapt capabilities and distribution strategies?

Digital flexibility

29-Sep-2020, 4:00 PM CET Limited Seats
06-Oct-2020, 9:00 AM CET Limited Seats

Will airlines keep the need to transform/change what they do in their DNA for quite some time or will they fall back into old patterns?

Airport experience and requirements

01-Oct-2020, 4:00 PM CET Limited Seats
08-Oct-2020, 9:00 AM CET Limited Seats

Moderator - Antoine Rostworowski

Will airports transform from shopping malls and lounges to health institutes?



Ursula Silling

Daniel Friedli

Marco Contento

Kelwin Kuriachan

Antoine Rostworowski

Martin Perrett

Past Virtual Connects

RES 2020

25 August 2020

Dynamic pricing vs Personalized pricing

08 September 2020

Risk Averse Transformation

10 September 2020

Risk Averse Transformation

15 September 2020

Different commercial approaches to the end consumer

16 September 2020

New Distribution Strategies

22 September 2020

Different commercial approaches to the end consumer

23 September 2020

New Distribution Strategies

VOPS 2020

24 June 2020

Industry's Experts Panel Discussion - The New Mindset

08 July 2020

Airline Industry's Women Panel Discussion

09 July 2020

Digital Enablers for Leaner & Agile Airline Operations

15 July 2020

Airline Pilots Panel Discussion

23 July 2020

2nd Aviation Women‘s Panel

23 July 2020

Digital Enablers for Lean & Agile Airline Operations

27 July 2020

Digital Enabler for Leaner & Agile Airline Operations

04 August 2020

Collaborate to Disrupt Disruptions

25 Aug 2020

Airline Operations Spirit of Africa

26 Aug 2020

The New Not Normal

01 September 2020

The New Mindset for the New Not Normal

02 September 2020

Demand Driven and Airline Operations Integrated Schedule Planning

03 September 2020

3rd Aviation Women‘s Panel

09 September 2020

Building the Bridge between Airline Operations and Air Cargo

22 September 2020

Industry Experts Panel Discussion on blockchain, emerging technologies, compliance, distribution & customer experience

23 September 2020

4th Aviation Women‘s Panel

Why Attend

Stretch your imagination

Stretch your imagination

Know the possibilities and impact of digitization in an airline´s customer interaction to address ever changing customer needs and realise revenue opportunities.
Network with industry peers

Network with industry peers

Interact and share best practices with other airline delegates and hear from industry experts.
Feel the difference

Feel the difference

Experience the passion and energy of our iFly Res and iFly Loyalty products and consulting team and get a grip on the latest innovations driving your business in the year 2020.

Why iFly Res


iFly Res, a next generation airline passenger services platform from IBS, is designed to provide airlines with greater business flexibility and operational efficiency. Born out of a need for a more dynamic PSS system in the aviation industry, iFly Res features a customer-centric design that can seamlessly manage changing business models - from low cost to hybrid operations. Powered by a Rules Engine that allows system configuration to meet your exact requirements, it not only ensures higher productivity and operational ease but also reduced vendor dependence.

The six critical components of iFly Res - Reservation, Inventory, Fares, Ancillary Fees, Departure Control and Central Customer Management, cover the entire spectrum of airline processes working together to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

iFly Res is the first natively compliant IATA NDC PSS product in the industry, with a rich API portfolio that exposes fully NDC compliant booking and DCS functions providing rapid connectivity to content providers, consumers and trade partners.

For more information about iFly Res click here

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